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My name is JoJo -Chinese born female ! I can speak fluent English and can help you with all your business translation here in China. I speak and write fluent English. And can work with you or your company for all your China travel and business meetings. By hiring me. I can assure top quality translation , recording , and most important my trust. I'm on your side and listen very carefully to all conversations. I am hired by you ! So that means ! All conversation will be up front and no closed Mandarin conversation by others.
In closing I am a professional ! I dress the part and conduct my manners in a professional setting only !
Good command of self-learning ability and always be passionate for my life and my work
Available services
- Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers
- Exhibitions / Trade Shows
- Business Meeting / Negotiations
- Market Research
- business assistant
- Tour Guide
- Show Local Culture/ Food /Shopping/ Sightseeing

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